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Home Gardenin Supplemental irrigation for plants in your garden -

One should start with some expected moisture problems, when warmer temperatures prevail rain with little or no, according to the Minnesota Agricultural Statistics service.

"when we see rain in the region in the next few days or weeks not additional irrigation is to be essential for plants. Plants are to be brought under high amounts of stress, wilting or possibly could without a sufficient amount of water to die ", noted the University of Minnesota extension.

First of all, most of you have already watering plant containers pretty regularly. You will constantly need water anywhere from every day up to a week between irrigation. Check moisture by touching the ground to see how much water is available. Often it is every time water is recommended with a liquid fertilizer at half the recommended amount of water.

flower and vegetable gardens will also need additional water . Pour this once to twice a week depending on how dry they get. All areas, in full sun may need additional watering. Water heavily every time the flowers and vegetables need water and then with water again until the soil appears dry. A little water stress on the plants will press the root systems down deeper into the soil. Lawns also need watering when hot, dry weather persists .

The University of Minnesota Extension recommends 1 every 7 to 10 days to 1.5 inches. Increase the cutting height to 2.5 to 3 inches, to increase the size of the root system. Even your mower deck somewhere boost near these levels can be useful if you have a low average.

Watering early on in the growing season, the grass more dependent on future in dry weather watering . Many people acclimate their lawns to dry conditions by not watering, so that the lawn more tolerant to drought later.

Trees Need Water , although their root systems are deeper. need trees and about 1 inch of rain per week to maintain their vegetative needs. Typically the best way to water trees the hose under the drip line of the tree to run slowly. Slowly saturate the soil and then water-7 to 10 days. walk slowly around the tube for two to six hours after the size of the tree depending on and the hose, move as well. If you get an inch of rain during this time, do not worry about irrigation.

Be most concerned with trees that look stressed. Sometimes the stress is not related to water. Make sure that the trees have water, they will strengthen against other environmental pressures. A good rule of thumb with lawn and trees, it is difficult to water and rarely more than slightly frequent irrigation.

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