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One of the beauties of nature in harmony is that plants and animals exist, and many people want could experience more creatures of nature in their own garden.

Here are a few useful and beneficial tips on how to attract more wildlife to your garden

plant wild Flowers

not only to your landscape brighten, but they will attract almost certainly a few bees and other insects. In fact, the promotion of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust gardener more trees and fragrant shrubs, plants to attract more bees and help to prevent the decline of the bumblebee; Some species are already extinct in many parts of the world

a wildlife pond build

It does not have to be fancy. a upturned dustbin lid is filled with water that attract birds to drink and bathe. But if you really go like in the city with your pond with wild flowers and oblique edges, it will not be long before you start seeing out of frogs, toads, newts and dragonflies.

plant some trees and hedges .

allows space, a native tree like a silver birch or rowan are flocks of birds attract the search for shelter, food and places to nest. Meanwhile, a good hedge, the berry bushes with dogwood and spindle also mixes birds attract search of food, as well as looking for other small mammals roost.

Learn to enjoy your garden

also most people caught up in the care of their gardens to really appreciate the hard work they have put in. Make sure that you to you every so often and take quell the tools in nature.

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