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Pothos is a the easiest houseplants to propagate . The spread can be by placing cuttings succeed alternatively in water in potting mix or.

For pothos propagate you should examine the system for three or four possible cuttings. It is best propagation in the spring, in order to try, but other times of the year can achieve good results.

Cut 4-inch stem segments with at least three healthy leaves of the parents pothos with a clean, sharp knife or scissors. Make the cut just below a root node. The root nodes are small brown bumps from the tribe of pothos above . Remove leaves from the bottom 1 to 2 inches of the cuttings.

Mix potting mix of one part peat moss and one part coarse sand or perlite. Fill a 3-inch pot with the mixture and water well before the pothos spreads Paste .

Enter the pothos cuttings in a rooting hormone, give them a light coating. Making use a pencil as a dibble a hole in the media. Carefully remove the cutting insert without most of rooting powder rubbing. You can three or four cuttings fit into a 3-inch pot.

Ask. The pot in filtered light Monitor the cuttings for the next month and make sure that the potting mix stays moist. After a month of rooting should occur and should start new growth.

You can arrange mixture as an alternative instead of potting the cuttings in water. Explore the cuttings and have germinated in about a month after the roots, place them directly into standard potting mix. proliferation in water is less likely to succeed, but it may be faster and easier.

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