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The new year brings in a hands-on workshop garden Bonanza with Duane Marcus The Funny Farm.

Whether you are a beginner or a perfect and experienced gardeners are from conventional to organic farming methods is interested in Migrate if you have a sunny townhouse patio or a 3-acre lot, or even container gardening, is your portfolio , in this workshop you will surely press on the way by taking control of your food future to take.

gardening workshop includes six sessions begins Sunday, January 31 and continue every other Sunday to April 11

The workshop will perfecting and manage your floor the art of making compost , Lessons grow vegetables from seed and put biodiversity to work to reduce or eliminate pests; use perennial vegetables and fruits as part of a permaculture garden; are produced to recycle and fungi with nutrients and high quality protein, the parts of the workshop plans and be satisfied.

The location of the workshop will be the Funny Farm 4459 Allgood Springs Dr. in Stone Mountain. Each class is limited to 10 students will be divided between teaching and working in the garden. The cost for the workshop is $ 300. For more information call (770) 527-0395 or register online at this link. Visit the The Funny Farm blog at www.happyfood-funnyfarm.blogspot.com.

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