Home Gardening 5 tips for controlling weeds in your Spring Garden

Home Gardenin 5 tips for controlling weeds in your Spring Garden -

spring gardens over the earth soon be the stubborn weeds will sprout also with flowers and vegetables, but also be fully up well.

Here are five basic and very useful Tips for controlling annual weeds in your vegetable garden .

1. Use No-Till Garden

The more until you, the more weed seeds are applied to the soil surface to germinate , Consider moving to a low-or no-till garden , buried to keep the weed seeds.

2. Identify all your weeds

Know the weeds you are dealing with before you start to draw or milled. Make sure it is a weed and not one of your vegetable seedlings.

3. Early weeding is cheaper

If you early in the season, weed, you will have fewer problems later. Remove annual weeds before they reach 3 inches tall. On a sunny day, a sharp-edged hoe, sliced ​​gently cut the weeds just below the soil surface to kill them. The sun will help to kill the weeds, so they do not sprout again.

4. Growing Weed-suffocation Crops

crops such as tomatoes, melons, potatoes and cabbage in warm soils and can grow quickly outgrow weeds. Plus, they are large enough to grow shade of weeds in the season later. Or consider greening smother weeds and add organic matter in the soil. Buckwheat is a fast growing cover crops, smother the weeds.

5. weeds are edible Too

Weeds are not all bad. Finally, the definition of a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place. Many weeds are edible and taste good. Harvesting white goosefoot, purslane and pigweed, when they are young and add them to salads. Mix to make chickweed with basil and parsley a great pesto.

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