Christmas is Coming.......


       Hello everyone,

    It has been awhile since I posted as
     I was working on some projects that
      kept me busy but I am starting to feel
more caught up.
               I have started to do some winter/Christmas
                   decorating but the weather is staying unusually
                     warm so it seems hard to believe that Christmas
    is less than 6 weeks away.

We haven't gone to the attic yet for
our decorations but bits of natural
Christmas are popping up.

Some silver baubles add glitter.

       A winter white tea
Some rosehips from the garden

  Maple tea

         Candles are glowing.

                                   The fireplace brings a  warm cozy glow.

                                                   I see some of you have all your
                                                             Christmas decorating done......
                                                             what about you have you finished
                                                             or not started yet?

                                                               I did some decorating on our front
                                                              porch today and I like how it looks
                                                              but dare I say it would look prettier
                                                              if we had a nice dusting of snow!

                                                                       Thank you for visiting,


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