And Winter Came......


             Good morning!

                     It is a beautiful snowy winter white 
                 world here this morning as we had
            our first snowfall of the season
                overnight. I always love the first
          snowfall as it so dramatically
               changes the world around us into
one of pristine beauty!

                           So come along with me as we 
                          tour around our winter white  
                                 world. Our pond has a skim of ice
                               but also still some open water.....
            not skating time yet!


                    Love how the trees are laden.

                        Our little Boathouse in winter.

                                                                                The view from the porch.
                     Our woods in the background.
                Walking around the pond.

                          Our home and boathouse from
                the far side of the pond.

           Our Gardener's Cottage on
                the other side of our property.
                   This was shot from the upstairs

                                                                          Our home and garden in winter.
                                                                       Garden views

         I hope you enjoyed a little tour
           through the snow with me today.
         I.know that technically it is not
     winter yet, but for me winter
     starts with the first beautiful
            snowfall or at least cold weather.
                   I think there is more snow on the way
           in a couple of days ...hoping that
                     means we will have a white Christmas
this year!

Have a nice day!


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