The weather is changing and I have cute summer clothes on my mind.  I might have said this before but spring only last a hot minute here in Atlanta.

One second we are wearing long sleeves and the next we are sweating.......taking scissors to those sleeves.

I have purchased a few things lately and I discovered a new brand of jeans that rocked my world!  You are probably wondering how that may be but I have a small waist and a rather generous behind so when I find good fitting jeans I want to spread the world:)

While we were in High Point my roomie Jennifer was styling the cutest clothes and I realized I might need to step up my game from all black [actually all of my team was styling].  A little color never hurt anybody so I went out and bought this top! edgy with blue....ha ha

Jeans  Love this fit!  I got mine 25% off!

I always like to start with a white blouse and a good pair of jeans....then I can dress it up accordingly.  

Clutch  I just discover this little!

I NEED some pink sneakers in my life!  Plus I like that they are "double decker" for some height!

I'm not really a dress person because to be legs are so white [OK...wrinkled too] but I do like this one because of the cute sleeves....and it's black:)

OK...let's be honest.....I could not wear these shorts [mine would have to be longer] but this cute top from J Crew Factory is a winner.

I did buy this top [on sale now!] and wore it the other night.....I love it and so comfy!  I also bought the shoes and comfortable from the first minute!

Shoes  Love!

This cute top from J Crew Factory was 26.50....steal huh!

More comfy shoes.....and the color goes with everything.  I like the slip on style because of the feet get sweaty in the summer:)

What have y'all bought lately?  I always have a hard time drawing the line about what is appropriate for someone my age [old] to wear......I want to be comfortable but not look like I am wearing my pajamas out in public.

I am sure that day will come:)  If you see me doing that I give you permission to point and laugh.



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