Random Bits of Spring


Hello everyone,

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

  I have some charming little pots
of violas sitting on my kitchen
    windowsill bringing some spring

They make me smile!

        It was Mother's Day here so we
        hosted a family barbecue at our
little Ocean Song Cottage.

            It is still a work in progress but
          we are enjoying it already and
                  we are looking forward to some lazy
            summer days for our family over

       Raspberry sour cream coffeecake.

  I made a couple of desserts for
   our barbecue.. Peach crisp was
the second one  

I picked a quick bouquet from
   the garden this afternoon before
the rain

   I enjoyed tea this morning
with a good friend.

Blooming in the garden now ~
Crown Imperial Fritillaria

                                                        Tulips,hyacinths, muscari are
                                                                    also blooming in the garden
                                                                    along with daffodils etc.
                                                                      It is such an exciting time
                                                                    of the year for us gardeners!

                                                                              Thank you for visiting,


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