Pondside Tea


Hello everyone,

It has been a busy gardening week here as
dozens of loads of weeds have been removed
from the garden beds and edging done as well
as a few more plants divided and moved.
Our grass has had a first cut and the trees are
starting to leaf out. Spring bulbs are blooming
and our magnolia is blooming ~ soon I will
take some pics to share with you.
However, today I hope you will enjoy
a few photos from a pondside
tea last August that I didn't
share before.....it seems in
the summer there are so many
things to share but not enough
time to post them all.

These are taken down on the dock of
our pond.

It is so peaceful there.

Dainty pink and white china
for tea time.

                                                  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

                                                             Thank you again to all who sent emails
                                                             or left sweet comments on my last post.

                                                                                         Take care,

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