Early Spring on the Porch


Last week I did a little styling on
our north facing porch.
I got some pretty new fabric at
a local thrift store and thought it
would give a bright cheerful look
to our old wicker furniture.

I changed the table here to give a
little more space.

It is still a work in progress
as it is still too early to put
out my annuals in planters.

I bought a new Sweet Autumn Clematis to plant
by the right post and since they usually grow
fast I am hoping to have some color growing up
the post soon.

A teacup is waiting for you!

                                                          This little dog toothed violet
                                                                     is blooming in the garden now.

                                                                      Hope to show you our little porch
                                                                     later in the season when it is surrounded
                                                                     by lush growth as the hydrangeas etc.

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