Trying to figure out where I left off.....oh yeah....the Showhouse right?  I got to Boulder on Sunday afternoon [yes I forgot about Super Bowl when we made the reservations] and after touring the house....which is very cool by the way we went back to the condo.  

 I know I have told you guys about Cari and Greg.  They are what Boulder is all, cyclist, eat healthy.....skiers.  But maybe I neglected to say they do not have a TV.  Well  actually they did just acquire one left over from staging...... but of course no cable.  

I thought that might make watching the Super Bowl little tough but they managed to find it on You Tube streaming in Spanish.   Kind of weird.....just saying.

OK....enough complaining and back to the rest of the pictures.

Starting with the powder bath on the main level.

Love those black walls since black is the new white right:)

The master bedroom

Very organic.....

The bathroom

I totally swooned over this space....


 You know I am not a huge color girl but when the walls are white I can go for it!

The bathroom.....jack and jill

Another bedroom for the black and white team:)

The bathroom....

I think this was a little room off the master....

And this shot is from a room upstairs...

Basement level....

My favorite room with such pretty light!

The pool.....

Good Lord I love a showhouse......and this one did not disappoint right?  Everyone on the team knocked it out of the park.

  You can find out all the info about the house on my previous post.....designer, builder etc, here




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