I'm back from Boulder and very excited about this next project.  Think Mid Century style with a little Brady Bunch! betcha.

However we brainstormed like crazy to come up with ways to update it.....although not enough to take away the vibe right?

I will share before shots next week and show you some directions we are thinking.....also I might ask an opinion or two:)

Today I have some updates on the Madison Project and I think you will be amazed at the transformations!

We should start with the biggest first.....



What a difference huh?

The color looks different in this shot but it is true to the top picture.  I promise.

New light fixture....

These cuties from Bellacor

This large drum fixture from Rejuvenation.

This Currey and Co beauty went up!

Here is the before of the upstairs bedroom....whoa it's a pine explosion!


They had this blue rug in a bedroom in Atlanta but I swiped it:)

There are 2 nooks up here with twin beds...but no lights!

We had these installed so they will be right over the bed.

This was the master bedroom before....

Took down the wallpaper, added hardwood and painted the walls. This rug was previously in the DR.

Ripping up this carpet.

To put this down.  A nice neutral color with just a bit of texture.

There are about 16 stairs and Lowe's wanted 14,000.00 to install it [including the very inexpensive carpet].  WHAT!!!  Yes you read that correctly.

I about flipped out.  As did the homeowners.  No Bueno people.

Y'all I finished all 92 episodes of Mad Men and I feel lost.  I miss Peggy, Don, Roger, Pete and all of the characters so much.  I'm not sure when I am going to come out of this funk.......I might need a reunion show.

Shay Ray



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