Happy Valentine's Day!


        Happy Valentine's Day!

      It was another storm day here with most
               of the Island shut down at least until mid day.

                I am thinking there are a lot of roses etc. that
             didn't get delivered today as I
             usually see line ups of men standing in line
             at the flower shop to buy bouquets for their
       sweethearts. Oh well, there is always
       tomorrow but another storm is headed
          our way for Thursday so we are making
up for January now.

       I recently got this pretty tea set
       from my friend Linda. Thanks, Linda
I love it!

  I think I always share this teapot on
   Valentine's Day as it was a Valentine
gift from my husband one year.


                                                    I hope you are enjoying your
                                                              Valentine's Day!

                                                                             Thank you for visiting,


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