I feel like there is nothing I can post after the pictures of my house.  Everything the last 6 months has been leading up to that and now it's just blah blah week....Cami....whatevs.

But every day can't be Christmas right?  So we go back to our lives of drudgery :(  hee haw.

Since I took about a bajillion pictures at the mart I thought I would drone on today with some of the other things I saw that caught my eye.

Of course let's start with the most important and that is pillows.

From my friend Sudi

Love this Jim Thompson fabric....such an unusual color combination.

I adore a large print and these Garson Jasper pillows caught my eye!

LuRu home was a textile line that was new to me!  I am loving their boho chic patterns....

So good huh?  I am mad for this color combination above......

These Moss Studio pillows are quite full of texture.  I'll take them all.

AND.....then I rounded the corner to all of this black and white from Sugar Feather and the world stopped for a minute.  I know these people think I have a screw loose because I was jumping up and down clapping my hands like a 6 year old with a cupcake.

I mean right?  Like I need anymore pillows but you can bet I bought a few.....An addict is an addict and this is my crack for sure. 

I always get a little giddy with some Annie Selke home textiles.....

These 2 pretty decorative mirrors from Mirror Image Home

And Kate Spades new rug line from Jaipur

Plenty'o color.

And then there was this pillow that I talked Sudi into putting in her line.

I said "girl it will fly off the shelves".  Guess love at all!  AYFKM?   

Don't get it.

And.....since we are talking about pillows hop over to Classic Casual Home and read her post on "all things pillows"....



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