After preparing for "snowmageddon" was a little disappointing to wake up to nothing but ice.  I mean I had wine and food for days incase of dire circumstances:)

Thanks for all of your sympathy about Cami. Many of you suggested drugs and I will look into that but if you remember when I first got her she was on so many medications......I was hoping for some behavior modification.  The bark collar really just gives her a small jolt similar to that of static electricity.  Also......after she barked once or twice she really settled down.

I would hope that we could get to the point where we put it on her but not activate it.

Let's get back to design!

Yesterday I made a trip to Madison to check on the progress [check out my first post here].  It's been slow going with the holidays but there are some updates to show you.

If you remember we decided to stain it a dark color.

Hard to see but this is only one coat....

 Again it looks brown in this picture but it's getting another coat.  I do love the new trim color.

In other rooms....

The island got painted

Doors got painted.

The wallpaper came down in the master bedroom and hardwoods were installed.....

We couldn't actually get in because the floors were wet.

In the bedroom upstairs we decided to white wash the whole room except for the floors....

We painted this pie safe red.....

And this one is going on the porch so we painted it a soft gray.....

If you remember this painting.....

It's the inspiration for the screened in porch!

Another chest painted....

We also went shopping a while back and purchased a few key items....

This chair for the family swivels.

And a new coffee table.

I know it looks like a "hot mess" right now.....but the painting should be done in the next 10 days and all the light fixtures installed.

There is this one small problema.

These hanging birds.  Spooky huh?  Ann and I decided to put a hard court press on their demise and I texted her husband to say one pooped on my head:)

On a final note.....since we painted the window over the sink and the doors SW Iron Ore we stood back to take a hard look at one area.....

This bay.  We are hanging cream curtains here....but it kind of looks blah compared the the other windows.... they are lower and I was afraid that if we painted them it would accentuate that factor.  

So we made a radical decision.....paint the whole bay SW Iron Ore.  Why?  

Because there is plenty'o pine in this place.....also it will be pretty with the cream curtains.  When this large cream drum light fixture is hung over the table....well.....Boom!

Go big right!

Not sure if I have mentioned it but my client [and neighbor] Ann is an art curator.  Big time.  She just did a a World War one show at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  There was an article in the New York Times about it if you are into history at all!

I'm impressed:)



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