Home Gardening Homemade equipment for squash bug control

Home Gardenin Homemade equipment for squash bug control -

Trap cultures of early plantings of Squash "up to 0 percent of squash bugs in the area." could attract the key is inside to plant a few pots Squash, earlier than the usual timing (the errors are most reportedly dressed in winter squash varieties), then move the plants in the garden as soon as possible.

winter squash bugs make a beeline for it. Put a few boards on the floor around the trap crop and then turn around the boards and crush the bugs that hide on the undersides are welcome. , As long as possible, continue to crush delay sowing your main crops the bugs that crop up in the case harvesting.

A "Squash Bug squisher", rather than only what is practical, the error on each crush board, it would be faster and more effective if you two boards connected by hinges, so could the squisher, flip it over and beat the two plates offset.

Read growing varieties grow to try for tips and advice on games for more and check out Winter Squash.

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