Home Gardening Homegrown tomatoes Photo Contest Offers Rates Total $ 725

Home Gardenin Homegrown tomatoes Photo Contest Offers Rates Total $ 725 -

Is there anything better fresh from the garden as a homegrown tomato?

true love and homegrown tomatoes is something money can not buy. But homegrown tomato might just be able in some lucky gardeners put a little more money em & SHOW 'EM photo contest (http' bags

Safer (R) brand has launched its growing '. // www. saferbrand.com/growemshowem). The competition is open to all gardeners, and the prices a total of $ 725:

1st place - $ 300 American Express Gift Card 2nd Place - $ 0 American Express Gift Card 3rd Place - $ 100 American Express gift card 5 runner-up - $ 25 Saferbrand.com coupon to have a chance to win, gardeners simply a photo of their own homegrown tomatoes submit that contains Safer brand products that helped ripen this tomato perfect. The contributions will be adopted on 8 July 2010, to 30 August 2010

Beginning 22 July 2010 it's time for the participants to encourage friends, family members, fellow gardeners and fans of homegrown tomatoes SaferBrand.com to visit all participants' photos and vote daily to see for their favorites. the vote will continue to SaferBrand.com to 10 September 2010 and the winners will be determined by the number of votes.

may During the contest period, the Safer brand Facebook page will also present entrants Photos, post voice guide and encourage fans to go to SaferBrand.com vote Facebook fans supporting the competition by http: // www. .facebook.com / safer brand they "like".

Safer brand currently grow together with the growth of 'em & SHOW' eM competition, with articles, video and tips to organic tomatoes than page selecting. The company, which has more than 60 products, which are approved by the USDA National Organic Program and carry the prestigious OMRI listed (R) Identification of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), engages organic helping gardeners controlling pests and diseases , [1945009wachsen'em&SHOW'eMfoto~~POS=TRUNC]

submit more about the Safer Brand or photo of homegrown tomatoes and safer brand products visit http://www.saferbrand.com/growemshowem and http: // www.saferbrand.com.

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