Home Gardening Xeriscaping Helps Conserve water through efficient landscaping

Home Gardenin Xeriscaping Helps Conserve water through efficient landscaping -

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) today introduced the new xeriscape garden of Ray and Cyndie Fernandez of Kapahulu, the winners of the EXTREME Xeriscape garden decoration contest.

"Xeriscaping is an ideal way to minimize water wastage while admiring the beautiful scenery of Oahu maintain," said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. "I am pleased to see the board in the water supply, as all city agencies to the promotion of Community activities make a sustainable and environmentally friendly city Honolulu can help."

"I'm so happy with the way our garden turned out," said homeowner Cyndie Fernandez. "I never knew we could have such beautiful and colorful indigenous plants and save water at the same time."

Xeriscaping helps to save water through efficient landscaping. An estimated 50 percent of water consumption used in the average family home outdoors. Xeriscaping is an ideal way to save 30 to 80 percent of water consumption, has for consumers in lower water bills result.

"The BWS is working constantly to show how we all can be with our water more efficiently" said BWS Chairman Randall Chung. "This competition will help us to show people to minimize their water use as outdoors."

"will use water efficiently often if overlooked in the yard," said BWS Manager and Chief Engineer Wayne Hashiro. "We continue our efforts, the community outside protection through educational programs in our Halawa Xeriscape Garden. Educate"

The Board of Water Supply, in partnership with Steve Garden Service Inc, Rain Bird, and Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden announced the Fernandez family as the winner of the competition on a yard sod in their home on Hoolulu on December 14, 09


Steve garden service, one of the main sponsors of the competition and the landscape architect installation and design, xeriscape concepts in the garden of the Fernandez family used advantage of natural climate conditions to take and make efficient use of irrigation. You installed systems that do not need much water to thrive as a plumeria, puakenikeni and ti deciduous trees with tihati, hibiscus, bird of paradise plants and akia. Steve gardening used mulch and installed an efficient irrigation system provided by Rain Bird. The landscaping company will provide the garden without cost maintenance. The EXTREME Xeriscape Garden Decoration is more than $ 20,000.

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