Home Gardening Salt used on icy roads Poses Threat to street trees

Home Gardenin Salt used on icy roads Poses Threat to street trees -

street trees are danger salt damage if crushed excessively used during the extended winter frost, according to one expert arboriculture.

, the worst damage is likely to be trees on sidewalks, where it was by homeowners increased crunched Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service director Derek patch. "Could be There may be a huge hit of salt in the soil as the snow melts,"

, the spots that will be sending to the problem an advisory note explains some 1,0 Arboriculturists this week.

"I am very worried about this and it is impossible to tell how many trees could be affected, but one of the worst ways for dealing with salt in the soil appears to be the London plane."

spots explained that the main problem was to be sprinkled with shovels gravel on walkways. Moreover was snow, and shoveling scraped around trees would cause problems, he added.

Arboricultural Association director Nick Eden agreed that the scattering question was a major concern. "It has a lot of damage to trees caused in pedestrian zones mainly because people usually apply the salt by hand and put far more than is necessary," he said.

He added that cedars at risk of damage by snow most of them because of their horizontal branches and evergreen leaves.

"the branches get charged through the snow. In some cases, the tree branch twice supported his usual weight."

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