Home Gardening New Blooming Plant Beauties 2012

Home Gardenin New Blooming Plant Beauties 2012 -

For this year, and this season in the garden, there are new versions and varieties available. These new plants are easy to grow a blooming rich and are disease-free.

If you love container gardening, with Calibrachoa or Super Bells , you will be pleased to see the gorgeous colors this year. Sweet Tart, Tequila Sunrise, cherry or grape Star Punch easily the centerpiece of a Co-hanging basket could be this summer. There is also double-flowered Calibrachoa: Double Rubin, double lavender and double Rose

Hosta lovers autumn frost can be drawn. its yellow and green colored leaves. This shade plant reaches only 1 foot in height, but is certainly a dark corner of the garden to brighten.

Red Switch Grass Cheyenne Sky is another hardy, sun-loving ornamental grass that has interest in the fall and winter and grows to 36 inches tall.

While most gardeners familiar with Autumn Joy, Sedum Maestro features purple leaves and dusty pink flowers. It attracts butterflies and bees, is drought tolerant and hardy to -35 degrees.

Vinca Jams' n jellies BlackBerry is extremely unique with its velvety dark purple with white eye flower color, add excitement to summer gardens. Grown as a year they do best in containers and prefer full sun. This variety is drought and heat tolerant.

Another nice selection is Salvia Summer Jewel Pink , which has grown a bedding plant as an annual. This plant grows 10 to 24 cm in height and has delicate pink flowers that attract hummingbirds. It blooms earlier than other Salvias.

There are four new varieties of Rose of Sharon shrubs with beautiful flowers. China Chiffon has large white flowers with a red eye while Blue Chiffon has blue flowers with a lacy center. Blush Satin has pale pink flowers with a magenta center and Azurri Satin has purple-blue flowers with pink-red center. Rose of Sharon is deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds and is in full or partial sun.

Bartzella Itoh Peony , with its bright yellow, double flowers is an excellent choice to grow. The flowers have to be a spicy aroma and make amazing sectional flowers.You able the aforementioned plants should be found at a local nursery.

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