Home Gardening Garden Products: Changing Consumer Trends

Home Gardenin Garden Products: Changing Consumer Trends -

After the recession, the decision not only on how much a particular garden furniture or tool costs , but also how long it can be used. This is not only important from the perspective of each of Garden section Portfolio .

A slow but stable change in the sales of garden products [1945010bemerkt] . Not only that the decline experienced stop in certain areas, but growth started in other areas. The clients are apparently for sale with good price-performance ratio: both the sales of the least expensive items and those of higher price and reliable quality rise. say A growing number of people: "I can not afford to buy cheap products."

Of course, there is considerable variation in the range of many thousands of different Garden Products . The turnover of pleasure gardens has to increase already begun and has shown a constant need for monocarpic and balcony plants, shrubs and evergreens . What's more, the sales of rhododendrons , for example, has since tripled.

The sale of kitchen garden plants were owing to the increase in food prices, the sales of seed, seed potatoes, onions and fruit trees have been stimulated significantly grown. The sales of garden furniture also increases, from the small balcony agreements to the big wooden sets of 6-8 people. Especially the sales of plastic rattan and aluminum textile sets has increased

An interesting change in customer habits is shown in barbecue sets . Was there a decrease in the purchase of traditional - and for many, not so convenient - charcoal grills , while their place was easy to handle by and taken easily cleaned gas grills. There is a growing demand for garden equipment , in this area is often the most important decision factor price however is a more prudent and long-term thinking to feel decision.

demand is particularly high in the case of outdoor plants, seeds, molds and various nutrients, and in the case of equipment, for example pumps. In any case, it is true that the ability to outstanding sales high quality, short transport time and ongoing supply shall be available to provide and deliver quality standard.

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