Home Gardening Camellias are a great Spring Show

Home Gardenin Camellias are a great Spring Show -

Camellia prefer a partially -shaded point, although comprising sasanqua types -What pale pink Plantation pink and red popular Yuletide - are happy in full sun. Regardless of where they are grown, camellias have conditions similar to rhododendrons - moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, so lime is a no-no. A sign that the soil is too alkaline yellowing of the leaves, so that applications of special camellia fertilizer is to fix the problem.

Unlike that are always needed, bottom right, Camellia require little attention apart from pruning after flowering to them in the form keep and maintain a mulch of leaves their roots cool.

irrigation can in dry summers may be necessary to attenuate as camellias (but not wet) feet. An annoying leaf roller caterpillar sometimes engages new leaves, but an occasional hint of rose spray keeps them away.

If you want a particular variety, look for a camellia in bloom . More than any other plant, over the years Garden Center appear a share of Camellia rather in using false names.

Use Camellia for hedges. Plantation Pink is an old favorite for hedging. Turn on tall-growing varieties, like, in a small tree to remove from pure silk or Phyl Doak by lower branches and let the top grow. Espalier camellias as Bonanza, on a fence or wall, but air can make plants circulate. Grow them as small standards in pots. Guilio Nuccio is recommended for a semi-shaded location. Support New Zealand by growing the likes of Nicky Crisp, jury Yellow, Night Rider, Quint, Scentuous, HighFragrance, Baby Bear and elegant beauty, some of the hundreds of Camellia .

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