Will she ever stop talking about the One Room Challenge? 

Well that is the big question...........hee haw!

But....there seems to be a few more questions about details in the room so let's get to it!

A few of you wanted to know about the bathroom art.  The frames came from At Home  [half price at 7.50 each!] but I could not find them on the website.  They have 2 pieces of glass and with all of the texture on the walls [with the wallpaper] I decided not to use a mat.


The art is by photographer Karl Blossfeldt who was a german fine art photographer in the early 1900's.  I bought these at Scott's many years ago.

Again I have to thank my buddy Phil Kazmark for making me this table!

Especially since it allowed me to customize the dimensions just for my wall! And it is solid oak....another plus!

Here's to the craftsmen :)

So I have been reading some of the guest participants from the ORC and thought I would share a few with you.....

Jenny from Paint Yourself A Smile  made over her son's room!


Vintage and modern thrown together!

Some perfect color combinations!

The bed!

Whats better than white paint:)

Big impact!

Tradition with flair!

Those lavender grasscloth walls!

And....things are about to get exciting around here.....look what is about to drop!

The Black and White issue with my house in it.....


I was about to say happy weekend but then realized it is only Tuesday.  WHAT?



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