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Home Gardenin Save Low Maintenance Perennials expenses: Research -

research from the Netherlands shows plants in infrastructure settings perennials money can save in the long run.

Without the pressure on public spending can be standing in front of the local authorities increased pressure on costs.

That translates into a push for even lower maintenance budgets for public spaces, which is accompanied by the desire for more sustainability, many councils for innovative approaches are looking for planting. While Bush and grass planting can still be the norm, it seems certain that this will be connected to an increasing extent by the use of perennials.

Recent research from the Netherlands shows that the use of perennials in the urban public space could reduce maintenance costs over the long run.

Margareth Hop completed for Applied Plant Research, part of Wageningen University, a study of low-maintenance perennials for infrastructure plantations in the last four years. It aims, the perception of perennials as high-maintenance and expensive

Hop explains compress .. "We asked why so few shrubs were used in urban plantings in the Netherlands

"We found that the people they perceived as the high-maintenance perennials 1970s as Delphinium, but in the meantime, low-maintenance plants have been introduced and rediscovered.

", the people working in cities have never used them and may be reluctant to try."

hop research examines the cost of perennials compared with low shrubs and modern shrubs , The results show that over a period of 10 years, the cost of 100sq m of perennials is EUR3,050 (£ 2,700), compared to EUR4,150 (£ 3,650) for low shrubs and EUR3,300 (£ 2,00) for modern shrubs addition.

to provide the properties of perennials in suppressing weeds, biodiversity and consume fewer nutrients than annuals means that it additional benefits.

"the big difference between the old-fashioned perennials and new, low-maintenance perennials is that they should have a good technical properties for use in cities and should have a very robust and stable," says Hop.

"they should also consider the need for maintenance are reduced to be for weed through very good competition."

, the city of Leiden, between Amsterdam and The Hague, the idea of ​​using perennials on roadside rand ~~ POS = HEADCOMP introduced and on roundabouts.

Perennial geranium are common and often in combination with tree, grass and bulb planting.

Nursery owner Bert Griffioen Griffioen Wassenaar worked closely to develop the plantations with sufferings unit chief of Landscape Paul Verhoog. After a meeting with the local authorities and designers Griffioen discovered the main problem with the maintenance was. He was to show to the local authorities, found that it was possible and practical, perennials use

An essential point -. Both in terms of savings and practicality - refers to the recent tightening of legislation on the use of herbicides by the passed Parliament in January. The Sustainable Use Directive and marketing of plant protection products on the market regulation combine the use of pesticides to captivate. But Verhoog believes weed control is easier planted by properly maintained and perennial systems.

"We do not splash at all for weeds," he explains. "With the roses we have the weeds by hand every week clear, which is expensive. My staff are now more motivated because they are working on something else and I mow once a year."

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