Home Gardening Perfect Garden Tips: Your lawn needs sheet cleaning & weeding

Home Gardenin Perfect Garden Tips: Your lawn needs sheet cleaning & weeding -

The days are shorter and the nights are long your garden also need special attention. There is still some time, and you can quickly fertilize and aerate, if you have not already done so don`t. It's time to focus on leaf cleanup and weeding

Leaf Cleanup .:

is one of the most common dilemmas for inexperienced homeowners, what to do with leaves from trees , The problem is compounded by the green movement and the advent of the mulching mower. Although leaves are rich in organic matter, but you should not give into the temptation to run over the leaves with a mulching mower and leave them on the lawn. They should be raked from the risk of prolonged snow cover off and composted or disposed of. Leaves left on the lawn, and mulched if they`re can choke the grass, it to rob of vital nutrients and oxygen.

Weed Control

While prevention is the best control, sometimes find their way into the weeds the healthiest lawn. The foliage of annual weeds such as purslane, crabgrass, foxtail grass and prostrate spurge will perish with the first heavy frost. It`s the perennial weeds, such as dandelion, thistle and winds that are best controlled killer.Be 2-4D based weed to carefully follow that label instructions with an autumn. By controlling weeds now, you have less to contend with in the spring and your lawn will have less competition for water and nutrients.

These two very important garden help caring steps, you will have a healthier, low maintenance lawn next. Spring

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