Garden Tour Day on Sunday

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Hello everyone

We have been busy working in
our garden and  it is coming into
it's peak for color.

So  we decided to have an Open Garden
on Sunday afternoon between 2 and 4 p.m
July 25.

I took these photos this afternoon
after giving these beds a good
weeding pruning etc.

The daylillies are in bloom now
along with the beginning of the
the phlox show. along with
many other perennials.

I love day lilies.

Clematis are also in bloom now.
This one is Jackimani Superbra

So if any of you would like to visit
and live nearby  all are welcome
this Sunday afternoon 2 to 4 rain
or shine.

I hope we will have a nice day but
if not bring an umbrella and some
rubber wellies and enjoy!

If you need directions you can email
me at
Please park on the side of the road.

Hope to see you there!


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Hey kids.....checking in to chat about what has been going on around here!

First of all....newsflash.....Rose and I went to Scott's for the first time in quite a few months.  I always forget how fun it is and I did pick up a few things for a client so it was well worth the trip!

Took a few pictures of some of my favorite things so for your enjoyment.....

I picked this up for a client...sometimes you just need something green.....that you don't have to worry about right!

This booth had 3 tables of vintage pottery in all colors....I just wanted to scoop them up and run.

Pretty linen dishtowels....

I do love some black and white botanicals right!

This darn chest....whoa mama.

Pretty "sea scape" with all that coral.

Love some modern art in vintage about you?

And....not much I like more than a vintage stool like this!

Nice midcentury chest!

Some pretty planters

And I was in love with this pretty arrangement!

This was the find of the day!  A vintage rattan day bed.  Lord....Rose and I hovered around it for 15 min just trying to think of a client who could use it....

What is better than and old basket with greenery....I say nothing!

Don't get me wrong I did buy a few things....
And I have big plans for all of it!

In other news I am making one of my guest rooms into a designer staging area.  I am SICK of it all being in my living room.  There are always boxes and fabric rolls hanging around so I need a place to handle all that.  And....when I shop for's craziness.

Before I do that I had to do a little construction first.  These plaster walls were a mess [my house was built in 1946]  with peeling paint and cracks all over and I was tired of repairing.

Real life here.....

And we added insulation as there was none!  That's a little game changer.

Listen.... just empty out a room and you will be amazed at how much stuff you have.  PLUS...there was a bed in there..... 2 nightstands and a chest! maybe a few pillows too.  I mean....I guess I have some "splaining" to do.....

New drywall and paint....

So bye bye to the bed and nightstands.  Hello to a room lined with metal shelves and complete organization.  I am giddy with the thought of it all!

I will keep you posted on this situation.

Stay tune for stories on Instagram today as I am over at my townhouse project doing a little installing.....

Have a great weekend!

Sheriky Freaky

Lazy Summer Days

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Hello everyone

I  hope you are enjoying some lazy
summer days. Summer always goes
by so quickly it seems.

I  enjoy lounging around  on a sunny
summer day in my old vintage chaise
with a good book and the scent of the roses
blooming around me.

The cushion for the chaise came from Homesense

Somedays it is my favorite
spot to relax with my book.

Sitting on the dock by the pond watching
the wildlife is also a pleasant passtime.

Or maybe a picnic by the pond?

Sometimes lazing around in the
hammock is the way to go!

How do you like to spend a lazy summer

Enjoy your day!


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I know women everywhere do this but y'all trying to work and take care of all the bills and house maintenance is killing me.....

Plus you know how that have to spend so much time setting up bill pay for everything and then for some reason it doesn't happen and you spend hours on the phone trying figure that crap out.  

I have an alarm system that once a month for some reason the app won't work and it's at least a 45 minute phone call to get that situated....only to do it again.  


I hate to complain because heck I am lucky to even have a house!  

You know how my friend Rose and I help each other with just goes faster and is WAY more fun! I helped her on Tuesday with a new build that she has worked on for the last year.  The client had just moved in and of course that is when you have all this stuff and no idea where to put anything:)

When I walked in I was totally in love with the's amazing!

I mean it's stunning....the quartzite countertops and the beautiful hardware!

I did not design it but here is what I know.....the cabinets and walls are BM China White.  The pendants are Hinkley and the barstools are World Market....[apparently no longer available].

I love the backsplash from Construction Resources.

The island is painted SW Iron Ore.

Are you drooling yet??

Right off the kitchen is the family room.....

Our biggest job were these bookshelves.  The client had a storage room full of all her previous used accessories from her former home.


The first thing we did was stagger some of the shelves.....thankful that they were adjustable.


I can say that we used mostly what she had only adding 2 things from HomeGoods!

The beautiful fireplace surround is soapstone.

Love the beams....and this room gets so much light!

This Bernhardt sofa got some love with mostly ready made pillows but Rose selected 2 custom ones to up the game!

The middle ones gave it the pattern that it needed.....

These guys were not impressed with us at all....

Below is the "friends entrance/mud room.

It is right off the kitchen and I love the brick floors and the dutch door.....great for the 2 dogs to hang out when she is gone....

Pretty Thibaut wallpaper and circa lighting sconces in the powder room.

And this laundry room is all that!

Some detail shots.....

This Circa lighting dining room chandelier has always been a favorite.

Love the tile in the 2 guest bathrooms....

And this performance runner is amazing!

Rose did a beautiful job on the home and I hope the client is giddy!

Answering some questions from my previous post....
The polka dot pillows in one of the bedrooms are Schumacher.

I purchased the mustard stripe throw at Westside Market.

So y''s already almost mid July....whoa!  I am headed to Boulder for a few days next's been a minute!

My house is all tore up but that is another post. sisters kitchen is coming along but of course there have been a few small issues. just keeps rolling along doesn't it?

Y'all be good....