I guess I have some 'splaining to do.  

I received a couple of emails about my last post with pictures of the nursing home.  I am really sorry if I offended anyone.  I realize they were harsh and hard to look at.  Let me explain that this is a small place and these residents need full time care. Both of my parents died fairly young and while I have missed them badly over the years.....I did not have to watch them get to this level.

I guess my point was that the end of life is no joke and not something I look forward to.  In my opinion the only thing that makes a hard situation easier is humor.  I am the kind of person who can't help snickering when it's inappropriate because of nervousness.  I was not making fun of them.


Ikea.....for some people it is totally overwhelming but if you go enough you can learn to focus!

I had to go yesterday for some Ribba frames [the best] and took a few shots of things that puts the term "high/low" to work!

Here is one of the first new things I saw!

Without open shelves all of these cute things would go to waste!  I plan on using them in an open pantry for a project.

I think both of these shelving units are new and I have a plan for the first one.

These 2 cute benches....kind of modern country.

Cute yellow clock

Black and white runner [placemats also]

Some kitchen accessories I have used from Ikea....the dark gray pitchers and jars!

The basket on the top left with jars from Ikea

I love these dark gray plates.....

And it was Ikea who first introduced us to the "Z" plant!


Some bedding...

I used to have this one in my own bedroom!

And I used all this bedding from Ikea at my Madison project! And the curtains also came from Ikea.

A few other ones I like.....


Remember when I used this one for my sister?

This black and white coverlet....

That became a table skirt at my sisters.

And this stripe duvet at my other sisters:) 

This Ikea pillow can be found everywhere!  It's a fav and I used it in a Boulder project.

Love these pendants and they now come in 3 sizes!

Here I used them at my sisters.

The Ikea black and white stripe throw is a keeper

This one might be new and surprisingly it had a nice weight.
Sometimes it is like just holding a few treads in your hand right?

The rug in the middle would make a nice wall hanging.....

And this rug.....

I love this new version!

This one is iconic also!

Some other new additions!

Some Ikea shelving that works nicely..... I recently used in a laundry room.

Cute faux plants!

These chairs below we used while staging some projects out in Boulder until one of the home buyers bought them!

I was tired of them anyway....ha ha

Ribba frames....

I didn't mean for this post to be so long.....but there is so much good stuff there!  

Hope you get a bunch done this weekend.....it's pretty much gonna be rain....rain....rain around Atlanta.

How many times can you say Ikea in one post....how about 10.



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