Remember me?  Yep.... kind of fell off the grid there for a moment but it's summer so I am sure no one noticed:)

We took a little spin up to Chicago [Naperville] to to visit my husbands Dad who is 98 but first we dropped off Cami at her favorite "home away from home"!

Where I can safely say my phone battery dies everyday while I am watching her on "doggy cam":)

Her best friends Mom sent me this....

The cutest huh?

We stayed at Hotel Indigo right on the river and it was very nice!

Y'all.....this visit was just a little depressing.  20 years ago I might not have felt that way but at my age......I see reality looming in the future.....

And I am not happy about it.  This is not what I have in mind.....

Lined up in wheelchairs watching [and I use the term loosely] movies, and playing bingo.  In your room you have a bed, chest and chair.  So look around and drink in all of your pretty decorating because in the's not gonna really matter. 

I think I need to stop exercising because I do not want to live this long.  Here is the text I sent my sister....

I noticed that the ratio was 10 women to 1 man living there and same with the caretakers.  I turned to my husband and commented how important "we" [women] are to society.

This is how I closed out that night....

We saw lot's of brothers daughter Cat who lives in the city.  Since we live in Atlanta we drive everywhere and decided to drive into Chicago....what the heck were we thinking?  And that is what everyone said to us.  Stupid tourist.

And how ironic that I picked up this book to's good but of course you know how it is going to end which is sad.

Are y'all ready for some good news yet?  I mean right?

Well next Monday one of my projects is getting photographed for Southern Home!

It's owned by Southern Living and I am pretty pumped!

I went house hunting with a friend....which I could do everyday all day.

All stairs will now be painted white with cute runners [this one from Dash and Albert].  It won't hurt to have brick floors at the bottom either.

This homeowner painted these dining room walls.....yes please.

Of course I love a good gallery wall but grids are my jam....

The one she ended up purchasing had these window treatments in the bedroom.....we were all fighting over them until she turned and said "um I'm keeping these babies"....

Oh yeah....of course....right. might notice that I had a little blog refresh!  My favorite girl Shari from Little Blue Deer worked her magic!

I like to just call her up and say "do your thing".....

OK....enough about my life.  Back to deliveries, design plans and getting through the Atlanta humidity with my hair.




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