It's that time of year when EVERYTHING is on sale and I  don't know about you but being able to shop on the computer is like a gift:)

I used to like to go to the mall but lately I just don't have the time.

I've bought a few things and one of them is this simple black dress from Loft.  It's stretchy and just loose enough that you don't have to walk around holding in your stomach:)  I think it was around $50.00

It's not too short because now my knees have somehow slipped down around my stop.....ankles.

I did make the trip to the mall the other day to help my sister out with a few vacation outfits!  
I bullied talked  her into buying these pants from Ann Taylor.  At first she said no but I threatened to leave and go home.  

She got them.....

Bag  I bought this for 1/2 off the sale price!!!

Bought these jeans at AT and not sure how I feel about them yet.....this whole post started with trying to  put an outfit together for them!

I also saw this cute black dress while I was there....I love the pockets!

I ordered the shell collar from Twig and Twine when they recently had a sale!  I had been waiting because these aren't cheap....but definitely a statement piece!
I did see the skirt at BR and it's "a lot of skirt"......definitely need to be tall to wear it!

I have an afternoon wedding in July and I sure do wish I could wear pants!  See reference to knees....

Shoes  I might need these cuties!

Before I buy anything I need to purge my closet....and that is an activity I can definitely put off for something that is more important like plucking chin hairs. 

WHAT!!!  Saturday is July 1st?  That can't be.




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