Martha's Garden


Welcome June!

I love the month of June with all
  it's fresh and lush beauty with still
the promise of more to come.

     I just came in from the garden and
   II am excited to see the lilacs are
just starting to bloom here so a
few more days and the garden
will have a beautiful frgarance
       as well as lots of beautiful blooms.
   We have over 40 lilacs in various
sizes and colors so they make
  quite a statement in the garden.

                                                            But getting to Martha's Garden......for
                        those of you who don't know , Martha
                           is the statue  at the back of this enclosed
                            garden and she stands in front of a mirror
  that reflects the garden.


         Today, I had to deadhead most of the tulips
in Martha's Garden but already I see
   the 4 white Deutizas's are getting ready
to put on their show.
The garden changes so quickly at this
time of year so I love taking
photos of it to enjoy all year long.

Thank you for visiting and hope
you have a wonderful June!


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