Lilacs , Transferware & Teapots


                                                                                Hello everyone,

                                                                    On this beautiful day I went out to
                                                                    the garden early to pick some
                                                                    lilacs for a beautiful bouquet or
The lilacs made me think of
this delicate serving dish so
I paired them up for a little
photo shoot for you along
with some of  my transferware.

The sunroom is one of my
favorite places.

        What could be better than toile,transferware and lilacs?

                                                                          Sensation Lilac is one of
                                                                          my favorite
                                                                          the white edges with  the purple.
Another favorite Sadler teapot and
delicate Baverian teacup.

Well, I have lots to do so I better
    get out and enjoy time in our garden

Thank you for visiting me!

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