Cottage Garden Tea


         Hello everyone,

       I can't believe a week has gone by since
      my last post. There is always so much
            going on at this beautiful time of the year.

    Since, the weather was so beautiful
we spent some time at our little
cottage and were able to enjoy
having our meals outdoors.

    Last fall I planted a few batches of tulips.
I am trying to refrain from adding too
     much of a garden since it has a wonderful
view to just sit and enjoy......but I am
not very disciplined and enjoy having
bouquets to pick .We are fortunate
that there was already a border along
the fence though and a hedge of old
roses soon to bloom.


Our lilacs are in full bloom in
our garden now. .

After enjoying a beautiful day in the
sunshine we enjoyed watching the moon
reflect on the water from the windows
of our cottage.

Thank you for visiting!


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