Home Gardening Increase the cutting height to stress in summer lawn reduce

Home Gardenin Increase the cutting height to stress in summer lawn reduce -

lawn grasses pass through various growth cycles associated with seasonal day length, temperature and humidity. Our lawns are composed of cool season grasses that grow best under cool spring and fall temperatures, if we have sufficient humidity in general.

As summer heats and moisture is more limited, this cool season grasses go through a stress period. Many of the plants that will form a lawn die over the summer season, resulting in a natural thinning of the turf. These will be replaced with new daughter plants in the autumn planting season and turf to increase in density.
The most important management practice for the lawn during this time is to increase your mowing Stress frequent defoliation from the lawnmower to reduce. Besides more leaves for photosynthesis hold that is larger to get better grass shade the soil surface moisture and warm season weeds such as crabgrass.
Moreover, to compete increase the cutting height in the summer, the need actually eliminate crabgrass herbicides . A height of 3-4 inches in the summer, is desirable. On most residential mowers the highest height setting will be in this range. Lowering mowing heights to about 2 inches in early September will promote the maximum density before winter.
Watering lawns in the summer is optional. Left unwatered, cool-season turfgrass go naturally into dormancy in hot, dry weather. This is to obtain a mechanism moisture and energy within the plant so that it can resume growth if conditions are favorable. In the case of longer dry, do lawn will benefit from a light irrigation about once a week to make them moisturized.
growth Enforce in the summer irrigation an option if you want a green grass throughout the season. However, watering should be as little as possible are carried out and the irrigation should be carried out in the early morning hours, to save water and promote rapid drying of leaves after irrigation. Watering in the evening should be avoided, since it promotes Summer Lawn Diseases .
The frequency and intensity of irrigation at a specific time of the Soil from. If you have a professionally installed irrigation system, ask your irrigation technician for help to set the system for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. A rain sensor on these systems are to prevent unnecessary watering when precipitation is sufficient.
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