Whew what a week huh?  Election results and the ORC reveal all in the same day.....not to sound trite but it was history making on both accounts.  

What am I talking about? 

Well I painted a room dark and for a girl who thinks white is always right that is huge:)

See how I bring it back to me......hee haw

So Wednesday was dump day as we all just bombarded you with a million pictures knowing your attention span is that of a gnat.

Today is about details and why decisions were made.

Why did I add the Metrie trim on the walls?  To bring them forward and add texture.  Same reason you add wallpaper..... it just allows the walls to stand on their own.  Since I knew there would be a large headboard and nightstands I only added one horizontal strip up high!

 It's best to use this treatment on a wall that doesn't have a window or door on it.

Why did I go dark?  Well to make more of an impact of course!  But really if you think about it there are 2 rooms that can be dark.....the dining room because you are normally there in the evening and a bedroom right?  In my situation I have cathedral ceilings, plenty of windows and set of french doors so that helps to break up the darkness.

 Let's talk about the bathroom a little.  I have  travertine that was all the rage in the 90's.  Since I just made over my kitchen.....gutting this room is not in the budget right now......although it has been said that the word budget has never stopped me before:)

I picked the wallpaper because there are some taupe veins running through the tile and I thought that would help to warm it up.

This Thibaut paper [ T6815] has so much texture but is actually a vinyl!  Yup.....and by painting out the trim, doors and ceiling with this Williamsburg Brand paint color [CW-60 Cole Stone]  I limit the colors in the space to only 2 hues.



Another problem I encountered were the lights I ordered from Bellacor.  I did not want to take the mirrors down but because the globe of the light did not have a back you could see the light bulb reflecting.

After trying a full glass one it was too bright in there....huh?  Could that be?  Yes!

I went back to Lowe's and came up with these.....creating a much softer light.  I hope Bellacor is not mad at me:)

At the last minute when I knew my Bernhardt dresser was not gonna make it I had to give this chest a small makeover....

Check that off the list:)

I kept my cream linen table skirt on the other side for softness....

The lamps are from Barbara Cosgrove....I ordered the Currey and Co black ones but then I switched up the wall color:)  I am sure they will go in a room somewhere!
Whats better than a black bowl with a moss ball in it?

I was lucky that Phil offered to make me this console and it's so pretty!  I played around with the styling a little:)

I'm a sucker for these glass beads....

I love the graphic pattern [Ralph Lauren] fabric I chose on the stools....they were very easy to recover!

 I am starting to build a relationship with my Arteriors floor lamp from ATG Store

So Cami thinks I did all of this for her right?
I have a mix on the bed combining both cream and white.  You can see below that I added a cowhide on top of my Karastan rug.....hopefully it will help with Cami's dirty paws:)

It's nice looking through from my family room and seeing the dark walls....

I want to thank Linda for all of her support and inviting me to participate once again!  We had some great sponsors....and they were all so wonderful to work with.

I suppose that's it but if you have any questions then shoot me an email!

If you want to start from the beginning....



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